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About Us

Golden Bear Enterprises Pty Ltd was established in 1999, after I converted my sole trader business “Aquarange Products” into a company structure. Aquarange supplied products to the ‘bottled water’ industry since 1996 and eventually sold the operation to Water Works Australia.

Just a small 1 man operation I tried many different products to diversify from the water cooler market, these included;

  • Patio Heaters (cash cow, made some good $$ on these)
  • BBQ’s (Good Sellers)
  • Off Road Buggy’s and Choppers (Parts needed, daily, but big fun items)
  • Light Up Led Palm Trees (Dunme Dough, saw one in China and fell in love, but how many people want a 6foot light up plastic tree in their front yard)
  • Inflatable Jumping Castles (Patches, Holes, Deflated, Mistake)
  • Children’s Ride On Toys (Great, a friend just told me today (17/09/15) that his is still going 13 years later, along with the water cooler he bought at same time)

And many more...most not very successful.

And then Bar Fridges came along in 2005, and this is where I still find myself over 10 years later. It’s been a long road with many headaches along the way, but right now, as of July 2015 the actual fridge range is at its most popular, and best of all most reliable. We have virtually redesigned the specification of every fridge range to ensure better refrigeration design, longer lasting parts, better and quicker cooling, more aesthetically appealing and most of all, quieter with low energy consumption. It’s actually been a lot of fun bringing things to life from scratch.

So the Golden Bear story isn’t a huge one, it’s just me banging my head against brick walls for 20 years, and somehow actually ‘surviving’, with plenty of close calls along the way. Being in business that long really has helped me, and the staff I have now, understand consumers better and try to do all we can to inform them and look after them after purchase. Hopefully another 20 years is on the cards, and by then North Melb have won 2 more flags, KFC does home delivery and Thailand is accessible by a 2 hour underground ‘very fast train’.

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Cory Allan
Managing Director

Contact Us

Goldenbear Enterprises Pty. Ltd.
40 Production Drive
Alfredton, Victoria, 3350
P:(03) 5337 6399